A modern UI toolkit for web makers.

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          Shards is a modern design system based on Bootstrap 4 that comes packed with 10 extra custom components and two pre-built landing pages. It’s also lightweight with its stylesheet weighting only ~12kb minified and gzipped.


          We've enhanced Bootstrap’s semantic color selection with brighter color variations in order to improve the contrast and accessibility.

          Primary #0067f4
          Secondary #5A6169
          Success #17c671
          Info #00b8d8
          Warning #ffb400
          Danger #c4183c
          Light #e9ecef
          Dark #212529


          Shards uses Poppins as its primary typeface for headings and the system’s UI font with a Roboto-first fallback (only on non-Apple devices) for the remaining content.

          Type Example Font Font Size Line Height
          Heading 1


          Poppins Semibold 3.052 REM 3 REM
          Heading 2


          Poppins Medium 2.441 REM 2.25 REM
          Heading 3


          Poppins Medium 1.953 REM 2.25 REM


          System UI / Roboto 1 REM 1.5


          Shards supports by default both Material and FontAwesome packs. Icons can be placed in almost any element without the need of modifying the kit.

          Shards supports the Material Icons pack by default.


          Shards supports the FontAwesome Icons pack by default.




          All form controls are improved with micro-transitions and shadows that bring depth and improve the overall user experience.


          Form controls can be stylised by utilizing icons from either supported packs. They can be placed inside default or seamlessly integrated input group addons.


          The default custom form fields are improved and extended. One of the new additions being the toggle switch control.


          Form validation is also improved to match the new overall form feel, while following the same interaction principles for consistency.

          Invalid city
          Invalid state
          Invalid ZIP code


          Sliders are also a new custom control and can be integrated almost anywhere with minimal markup (a single element) and extended customisation options via JavaScript.


          Datepickers are also available and similar to slider controls they are very easy to create, being based on a single input element. Datepickers are customisable as well, letting you create complex configurations with range selections for example.



          We wanted cards to stand out and bring depth without changing their original structure. All of this while allowing them to play well with the other components.

          Card image cap


          He seems sinking under the evidence could not only grieve and a visit. The father is to bless and placed in his length hid...

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          Card image cap


          He seems sinking under the evidence could not only grieve and a visit. The father is to bless and placed in his length hid...

          Read More
          Card image cap


          He seems sinking under the evidence could not only grieve and a visit. The father is to bless and placed in his length hid...

          Read More
          Card image cap


          He seems sinking under the evidence could not only grieve and a visit. The father is to bless and placed in his length hid...

          Read More


          Two new button modifiers are introduced in Shards that allow you to create pill-shaped and squared buttons for both filled and outlined variations for an extended range of possible combinations.



          In addition to the default styles Shards allows you to adjust the width and add labels to your progress bars.



          Display confirmation messages, forms or any type of content to your users using beautiful and non-disruptive modals.


          Badges are similar to buttons and are available in all theme colors with filled and outlined modes and also with three variation styles: rounded, pill-shaped and squared.

          Primary Secondary Success Danger Warning Info


          Don't let your uses guess by attaching tooltips and popoves to any element. Just make sure you enable them first via JavaScript.





          That's not all! We've prepared two free landing pages built using mostly Shards and some custom styling to help you start your next project faster.

          Shards App Promo - Demo Landing Page
          Shards Agency - Demo Landing Page



          Make sure you check out the documentation and learn more about all the available components and how to use them.

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